Urology San Antonio Becomes #1 Rezūm Practice in U.S.


After four years of providing BPH relief to men in San Antonio and beyond with Rezūm, we’re thrilled to announce Urology San Antonio has performed more Rezūm procedures than any other Urology group in the United States. 

“What makes the Rezūm system unique is that it has the effectiveness of invasive surgery, but can be done in a single visit as an out-patient procedure,” says Dr. Cantrill, the first doctor in the U.S. to be certified to perform the Rezum procedure.

“It’s an option for guys who are tired of taking medications every day, or maybe those medications aren’t effective anymore, but they don’t want to undergo invasive surgery to remove part of their prostate.”

Patients interested can read more about Rezūm for BPH or schedule an appointment with one of our Rezūm physicians.

We’re thankful to all of our patients who trust us with their health. We take that responsibility seriously.  The San Antonio community deserves the most advanced urological treatments, and we’re proud to be the go-to practice for all your urology needs. 

Here’s to the next four years and beyond!

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