Stop Believing These 10 Vasectomy Myths

If your family is complete and you’re looking for a permanent, side-effect-free method of birth control, a vasectomy may be right for you.

A vasectomy can seem scary, but “getting snipped” is safe, easy, and effective — much more so than your partner’s serialization options. It’s quick, non-invasive, and nearly painless. The procedure can happen in your urologist’s office!

Despite the benefits of vasectomy, some myths may be holding you back. Keep reading for the truth about these 10 vasectomy myths.

Myth 1: A Vasectomy is Invasive and Difficult

Although your urologist will have to make a small cut in your skin during your vasectomy, the incision (or two) is small. Complications from vasectomies are rare. The whole procedure is quick and usually lasts about 15 minutes, and it’s performed in your urologist’s office.

Myth 2: A Vasectomy is Painful

It’s surprising how little a vasectomy hurts! Your urologist will use a small shot to numb the area, which will feel like a pinch. The only sensations you’ll feel after that will be pressure or tugging. After the procedure, discomfort during recovery is easily managed by over the counter pain medication and ice.

Myth 3: Vasectomy Recovery is Difficult and Long

Recovery after a vasectomy is pretty quick! You can plan to spend two days at home resting after your procedure. Many men schedule the procedure on a Thursday or Friday and are able to return to work on Monday. Those with more physical jobs should arrange for three more days of desk or light duty.

Myth 4: Your Sex Drive Will Decrease

The only thing a vasectomy does is prevent your body from releasing sperm. Testosterone, a hormone that helps control your sex drive, isn’t changed. A vasectomy won’t affect your libido, erection, or performance.

Myth 5: Sex Won’t Feel as Good after a Vasectomy

Sex will be just as good after a vasectomy — or better! The freedom from worry about unplanned pregnancies will allow you to be more spontaneous and will probably allow you to enjoy it more. A vasectomy changes what makes up your semen, not your erections or sensations.

Myth 6: Your Sperm Will Build Up in Your Body

A vasectomy prevents sperm from being released into semen. Sperm that doesn’t become a part of seminal fluid doesn’t float around in your body forever without a clear exit. Even after a vasectomy, your body will continuously produce sperm. Sperm that’s not released are reabsorbed, which will happen even without a vasectomy. Sperm won’t build up.

Myth 7: The Risk of Prostate Cancer Increases

No studies have proven a link between prostate cancer and vasectomy. The few studies that have suggested a relationship are unable to definitively prove that vasectomy causes prostate cancer.

Myth 8: A Vasectomy Doesn’t Prevent All Pregnancies

Vasectomies are 99.85 effective. Before a vasectomy, you have sperm in your system that doesn’t magically go away during the procedure. It takes up to 20 ejaculations over several weeks to clear the sperm from your tubes after your vasectomy. Your urologist will test your semen until there isn’t any sperm in it; until then, you should use a backup method of birth control. Vasectomies that appear to fail are because of patients who have unprotected sex before their urologist confirms their semen is sperm-free.

Myth 9: A Vasectomy is Permanent

Before a vasectomy, you should be sure that your family is complete. Vasectomies can be reversed, but a vasectomy reversal is an expensive procedure. It’s done to allow sperm to flow into semen. Men who have vasectomy reversals are able to father children again. Vasectomy reversals aren’t always successful. Vasectomy reversal success rates decrease as the time since vasectomy increases. A vasectomy is a convenient form of birth control, but you shouldn’t expect it to be short term.

Myth 10: A Vasectomy is Costly

Health insurance commonly covers vasectomies. To verify your coverage, call the number on your insurance card. Without insurance, the cost of a vasectomy is $900. Included in this cost are the vasectomy procedure and the follow-up semen check. This is less expensive than many other forms of birth control — and for sure cheaper than another kid!

The Truth

A Vasectomy is the safest, easiest form of permanent birth control. Now that you’ve debunked these popular vasectomy myths, are you ready for yours? Schedule an appointment today.

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