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Helping men live longer, happier, more fulfilling lives.

Some health concerns are unique to men – like sexual and prostate health.  Problems in these areas can have a big impact on a man’s quality of life. We help men live longer, happier, and more fulfilling lives by providing them with specialized care and advanced treatment options.

We offer all of this in a confidential guys-only clinic, staffed by an all-male medical team of urologists, a nurse practitioner, medical assistants, and technicians.

Urologists are the real experts in men’s health, providing real, responsible answers.

Sexual Health

Sexual health is important for a man’s wellbeing. Erectile dysfunction (ED), low testosterone, infertility, can leave men and their partners feeling inadequate. We take time to understand your concerns and recommend a custom treatment plan most likely to get you the results you want.

Treatments range from medications to relatively new options like shockwave therapy for ED. Many men’s health medications are available through our pharmacy at deep discounts compared to other retailers. (Schedule appointment)

BPH – Enlarged Prostate

Most men will be diagnosed with BPH (an enlarged prostate) in their lifetime. BPH can cause bothersome symptoms like getting up multiple times a night to urinate. (take the BPH quiz here)

New advances in BPH treatment are helping men take back control of their urinary habits. Our physicians offer a wide variety of BPH treatment options including medications and minimally invasive procedures. (Schedule appointment)

Prostate Cancer Screening

Men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than any other cancer. Early-stage prostate cancer does not cause symptoms, so screening starting around age 50 is important. African Americans and those with a family history should start screening between 40 and 45.

Prostate cancer can often be treated successfully, and early detection is key. (Schedule appointment)


A lifetime of pregnancy prevention in one simple procedure.  Most men are surprised to find out a vasectomy only takes 15 minutes and is done in the office. It’s often covered by insurance and has no effect on testosterone level, sex drive, etc.

If your family is done growing, consider the peace of mind you would get from a vasectomy. (Schedule appointment)

Men’s Health Clinical Expertise

Quick Facts

  • All-male medical staff
  • On-site urologists – Not just doctors who “oversee” the clinic
  • Treating all men’s sexual and urologic health concerns – Because sometimes it’s more complicated than just “testosterone”
  • Responsible medical works ups and monitoring – Because your health (and our reputation) is too important to gamble
  • Offering every available treatment option – Not a one-size-fits-all, like-it-or-leave-it answer
  • Health insurances accepted

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