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Quick Facts

  • Focused on Men’s Health
  • Experts in Sexual Health 
  • Vasectomies and Reversals

Urology San Antonio Men's Health Providers

Urology San Antonio Men's Health

Our Approach

Men's Health Clinic - San AntonioThe Urology San Antonio Center for Men’s Health and Wellness offers guys all of the treatment options for their sexual and urologic and health concerns – from detailed coaching about how you can improve your health, to medications and minor procedures, all the way to surgery. We help you solve your problem quickly without compromising a thorough, responsible medical work up.

Our doctors understand the discomfort that can come with discussing certain medical topics. As urologists, they’ve spent years studying and treating men’s health issues. They’re experts making you feel comfortable while at the same time empowering you with candid answers and advice you can trust.

We offer all of this in a confidential guys-only clinic, staffed by an all-male medical team of urologists, a nurse practitioner, medical assistants, and technicians.

Urologists are the real experts in men’s health, providing real, responsible answers.

Clinical Expertise

Quick Facts

  • All-male medical staff
  • 2 on-site urologists – Not just doctors who “oversee” the clinic
  • Treating all men’s sexual and urologic health concerns – Because sometimes it’s more complicated than just “testosterone”
  • Responsible medical works ups and monitoring – Because your health (and our reputation) is too important to gamble
  • Offering every available treatment option – Not a one-size-fits-all, like-it-or-leave-it answer
  • Health insurances accepted