Prescriptions & Catheters

Prescriptions & Catheters


To refill your prescription, contact your pharmacy with the prescription number found on your medication label. The pharmacist will send an electronic refill request to your provider who will authorize the refill or notify you if an appointment is necessary.

If Urology San Antonio is your pharmacy, you may visit our Pharmacy page

Please be mindful of these prescription refill guidelines:

  • Patients must have been seen by their provider within the last year. (Request an appointment, if needed.)
  • Plan ahead. Allow at least 3 business days for routine refill requests.
  • Certain newer (and usually more expensive) medications require approval from your insurance before the medication can be refilled. When refilling these medications, please allow our staff at least 7 days to complete the necessary insurance forms.
  • For urgent refill requests, contact your pharmacy first. Then call your provider’s clinic to alert us to the urgent request.
  • Pain medications, antibiotics and controlled substances will only be refilled during business hours. If you need a refill of these types of medications at night or on weekends, you may be directed to an urgent care center.


The same catheter brands and styles from the people you trust – including free discreet shipping! Urology San Antonio’s catheter supply division is happy to fill your catheter needs and work with your insurance provider (including Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare). Urology San Antonio is able to provide the same low-cost, high-quality catheters as other suppliers.

Contact the Urology San Antonio Catheter Division at (210) 582-5675.

Patients always have a right to choose their urologic supply company. Your urologist will provide catheter orders to any company you choose.

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