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  • Be among the first to benefit from new treatments

  • Attention from top doctors and researchers

  • Low cost, no cost, or compensation

  • Help save lives in the future

Patient Testimonials

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and my other treatment stopped working. My cells started manufacturing the hormone they wanted, but not the one they needed. I was blessed to get into the clinical research program because it’s been very effective at keeping down my PSA. It works – I travel a long way to get here and everything has been very thorough. The staff has always been easy to work with and I’m very happy with my results.”

– Truman F.

“During a routine evaluation, I had an elevated PSA level. My doctor wanted to get me into a clinical research study because he thought I’d see a lot of great benefits from it. I was approved and within two months from starting my PSA dropped from 7.0 to 4.0. Now, after a few more months, my PSA is at .05. I’m sticking with it and I feel good about the study. It’s not just the medicine I appreciate, but the whole team has been fantastic to work with. Everyone I’ve come in contact with has my health as their utmost concern.”

– Ben C.

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