Pool Parish, Carissa

Carissa Pool Parish, PT, WCS
Carissa Pool Parish, PT, WCS

Physical Therapist
Speaks: English


Baylor University – Waco, TX, 2003
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, 2006

About Carissa Pool Parish

We regret to announce the closure of Urology San Antonio’s Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy service effective January 24, 2019. For more information, please call (210) 582-5505.

Carissa Pool Parish is a Physical Therapist with her board certification as a Women’s Health Clinical Specialist.  Patients often look for non-surgical options or non-medicinal remedies to common urological problems and Physical Therapy can help.  Carissa practices at Urology San Antonio’s Stone Oak location.

Carissa specializes in training the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles to work properly to improve bladder control, bowel health, sexual function and to relieve pelvic pain.

Patients trust they will be receiving the most up-to-date, evidence-based care from a certified expert. Board certification takes thousands of clinical hours combined with rigorous training and testing which ensures practitioners have the appropriate blend of experience and expertise.

Experience helps Carissa see the bigger picture. Often, her patients visit multiple specialists and have complicated diagnoses. After 10 years in practice, Carissa brings an advanced perspective on challenging cases which allows her to improve patient outcomes faster and with fewer visits.

Board certification allows patients to feel confident knowing they are receiving the best possible, most efficient care with the highest likelihood of success.

Specialties: Women’s Pelvic Health, Prenatal and Postpartum musculoskeletal disorders, Prostate CancerUrinary IncontinenceUrinary Tract InfectionFemale Sexual DysfunctionInterstitial CystitisNeurogenic BladderOveractive BladderPelvic Prolapse
Appointments: Monday through Friday


Stone Oak

18915 Meisner Drive
San Antonio, TX 78258

What her patients say


I would like to commend Urology San Antonio for the excellent care I continue to receive from Carissa Pool Parish at the Stone Oak Urology office.  Over the past three years, I have seen close to 50 doctors — including a team from the Cleveland Clinic – for “multi-factorial and confounding” pelvic problems.  In just the six months I’ve been working with her, Carissa has – without question – provided me the most help and benefit of any medical provider I’ve seen.

Her broad knowledge base has enabled her to effectively work with me across an array of aspects, including my muscles, joints, nervous system, nutrition, stress relief, pain, and coping skills.  She truly is the “whole package” and understands the female pelvic-floor better than any doctor I’ve encountered.  She is also the utmost professional when dealing gently with very private and sensitive parts of the body.

Carissa listens well, carefully considers the problems and issues I am working to overcome, and always offers helpful suggestions.  In my opinion, she is a pioneer in this field and more PTs like her are desperately needed.  As I’ve now met many people across the country with unusual and chronic pelvic pain, it’s clear there are simply not enough caregiver that know the things Carissa knows.

She isn’t just an asset to Urology San Antonio, she is also an asset to this community and to the medical field.  Perhaps most importantly, she’s a tremendous asset to people like me who are sometimes at their wits end searching for answers.  I feel fortunate to have found her and am grateful that my husband’s job brought us to San Antonio.  Because of my treatment from Carissa, the trajectory and quality of my life have changed for the better, and I cannot thank her enough.

Thank you for having Carissa as part of your team!

Very Sincerely,