Fusion Biopsy – Prostate Biopsy

Quick Facts

  • Most Advanced Type of Prostate Biopsy
  • Fuses MRI with Ultrasound image
  • Precisely Targets Suspicious Areas

Fusion Biopsy Doctors

Fusion Biopsy - Prostate Biopsy

Prostate Biopsy San AntonioUrology San Antonio now offers the most advanced prostate biopsy technique for cancer detection, the Fusion Biopsy.  This special type of prostate biopsy uses the latest technology and allows precise targeting of suspicious areas. As a result, it makes detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer more accurate than ever.

Benefits of Fusion Biopsy

• Potentially fewer tissue samples required during biopsy.
• Peace of mind for active surveillance patients.
• Avoid unnecessary biopsies in the future.
• Better determine if further treatment is necessary.
• Reduce the chances of missing a high-risk cancer.

How Fusion Biopsy Works

Prostate Biopsy - Fusion BiopsyFirst, patients have an MRI scan of their prostate.  A radiologist then examines the scan results and identifies any suspicious areas of the prostate.

The processed image is then sent to Urology San Antonio, where it is fused with the ultrasound image during the biopsy procedure. This provides the urologist a detailed, live-view that clearly identifies the best sample areas.

Before Fusion Biopsy, doctors would randomly sample different areas of the prostate.  This new type of prostate biopsy removes the guesswork and reduces the likelihood of missing cancer that should have been treated.

Fusion Biopsy - Next Steps

Visit with your Urologist
Your doctor can help you decide if a fusion biopsy is right for you.  Schedule an appointment today.

MRI Scan
Urology San Antonio partners with local imaging facilities capable of producing the detailed MRI Scan that is later fused with live ultrasound images for the prostate biopsy procedure.  Your doctor’s office will assist you in coordinating a convenient appointment.

Fusion Biopsy
After your MRI Scan, please allow two to three weeks for the images to be reviewed and analyzed prior to your biopsy procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this type of biopsy right for me?
If you or a loved one are in active surveillance for prostate cancer, have an elevated PSA and are considering a biopsy, or you’re due for a repeat biopsy, we encourage you to visit with one of our physicians to see if a Fusion Biopsy may be your best choice.

How much does a Fusion Biopsy cost?
The fusion biopsy cost is the same as a regular biopsy, which totals around $920.  Both types of biopsies are covered by insurance, but your personal costs will depend on your insurance plan, co-pays, and deductibles.  The MRI is performed by another medical provider (STRIC) and will be billed to your insurance separately.

Is a Fusion Biopsy covered by insurance?
Yes, the Fusion Biopsy is covered by most insurances.  If you have questions regarding your specific insurance, please call our billing department at 210-614-6144.

Where do I get the MRI?
Urology San Antonio has partnered with STRIC (South Texas Radiology Imaging Centers) to provide two locations where the MRI can be performed:

18707 Hardy Oak Blvd., Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78295

9150 Huebner Road, Suite 195
San Antonio, TX 78240

What is a Fusion Biopsy?

A Fusion Biopsy is a type of Prostate Biopsy that fuses an MRI scan of the prostate with the ultrasound image during the biopsy procedure.  This improves the accuracy for the detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer.


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