Our Stone Oak location has moved!

On July 25th, 2016  Urology San Antonio opened it’s brand new, stand-alone, state-of-the-art facility on Meisner road.  The opening of the new urology clinic coincides with the closure of our two clinics on Sonterra Blvd.

New BPH Treatment: Rezum Therapy

New BPH Treatment: After FDA Approval, San Antonio Doctor Becomes First Certified Provider in United States

A San Antonio doctor has become the first in the United States to be certified in performing a new BPH treatment for men with an enlarged prostate.  In late November, Urology San Antonio’s Dr. Christopher Cantrill successfully completed the requirements that made him the first Urologist in the nation to become a certified provider of the Rezūm (pronounced ruh-ZOOM) treatment for BPH.

FDA Approves First Medication to Treat Low Sexual Desire in Females

Today, the FDA made history by approving the use of flibanserin to treat Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD).  Until now, there has not been an FDA approved medication to treat female sexual disorders.

“It’s an exciting time for women because we’re finally getting a true medical approach to addressing a major issue we have in sexual health,” says Peggy Francis,


Vasectomy: Separating Fact From Fiction

By David Talley, MD

Vasectomy is often a word that incites anxiety and fear in men — despite the fact that most men understand the need for this procedure. Wives often bring up this sensitive subject only to have their husbands quickly change the subject or bolt from the room. In reality,

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