About the Procedure

Before you set your vasectomy appointment, you probably have a few questions. 
We have the answers.

What's involved?

A vasectomy is a simple procedure that makes a man unable to father children. It's nearly 100% effective (99.85% to be exact). It takes about 15 minutes to perform in a urologist's office, and it's usually covered by health insurance.

You've probably heard chilling or funny tales about vasectomies. They're fun to tell. But in reality, most men say that, despite their fear, their vasectomy experience was as routine and tolerable as a dental appointment.

Here's exactly what you can expect.

 A medical assistant will escort you to an exam room and collect some basic information from you. Then the urologist will meet with you (and your partner, if you'd like) to make sure you understand the permanence of the procedure and answer any lingering questions you may have. 

If you're confident with your decision to have a vasectomy, the urologist will step out to give you a moment to remove your pants and lay back on the exam table (no stirrups are needed) with a drape covering you. Then, the urologist or his assistant will clean the scrotum with an antibiotic soap. The doctor will numb the area with a tiny needle of medication injected into the scrotal skin. The anxiety men feel about this step is worse than the shot itself – trust us. It feels the same (most men say, it's easier) than a numbing injection before a dental procedure – briefly uncomfortable yes, like a pinch, and then it's over. 

After the numbing medicine takes effect, you won't feel any pain during the remainder of the procedure, although you may feel pressure. The urologist will make an incision the size of a grain of rice in the scrotum and expose the vas deferens, which looks like cooked spaghetti. He'll snip the vas and return it to the scrotum. He'll close the incisions with a few dissolvable sutures and cover the area with gauze to protect it.

That's it! The doctor will review the recovery instructions with you and give you a cup for the semen sample that you'll need to provide in a few weeks. Then he'll leave you alone to put on a jock strap and your pants. Most Urology San Antonio urologists allow you to drive yourself home. Others require that a spouse or a friend drive you, just in case you encounter car trouble or other unexpected issues on the way home.

Is it reversible?

A vasectomy reversal isn’t a myth. In fact, Urology San Antonio offers vasectomy reversals, but they're expensive ($5,000 -$10,000) and there's no guarantee a reversal will be successful. You should make the decision to have a vasectomy knowing it's intended to be a permanent procedure.

Think carefully.

Before you commit to a vasectomy, ask yourself...

  • WHAT IF... my current relationship ends and I have a new partner who wants to have a child?
  • WHAT IF... one or more of my children pass away?
  • WHAT IF... we start making more money and are able to support a larger family?

If you're at peace with your answers, it’s time to schedule The Snip!