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 Preparing for Your Vasectomy

Download the vasectomy patient instructions packet (vasectomía Instrucciones).

Before the Vasectomy

  • Arrange to be off from work for 2-3 days after the vasectomy. (Many men schedule their procedure on a Friday, recuperate over the weekend and return to work on Monday).
  • Stop taking all aspirin or blood thinning products one week prior to the procedure.
  • If your partner is pregnant now, notify your urologist. In this special circumstance, your doctor may recommend waiting until the baby is safely delivered before performing a vasectomy.
  • The day of the procedure, carefully shave all of the hair on the scrotum. (It is not necessary to shave the entire pubic area, only the scrotum.)
  • Bring an athletic support (jock strap) that will support the scrotum and help hold the gauze in place after the procedure. These are available at most drug stores.
After the Vasectomy
  • Most men drive themselves home after the vasectomy.
  • Rest and avoid heavy lifting and exercising for 2-3 days. 
  • You can resume sexual activity within 3 days of the vasectomy, but you must use another form of birth control until a check of his semen shows no sperm are present, usually 15-20 ejaculations or 8 to 12 weeks after the vasectomy. 
  • After the requisite amount of time, bring a semen sample to any of our clinic locations. A urologist will review it and call you to verify that the vasectomy was successful.


  • For patients without insurance, the vasectomy costs $800. This includes the procedure and the follow-up semen check.
  • Since a vasectomy is an elective procedure, our practice does not offer payment plans.
  • If we can help you with a specific billing or insurance question, call our business office at (210) 731-2050.


  • The majority of health insurance policies cover a vasectomy.
  • To verify your insurance coverage, call the phone number on the back of your insurance card and ask whether an "in office vasectomy" (code 55250) is a covered benefit. If you have a deductible, ask if you have met it for the year and what percentage of the vasectomy cost the insurance will pay. 
    • A common example is that the man has a $500 deductible and an 80/20 policy. This means that the policy holder must pay the first $500 of the family's medical expenses for the year. After that, the insurance company will pay 80 percent of the cost of covered medical services delivered by an in-network provider. The patient pays the remaining 20 percent.

$100 Deposit

  • Insured and private pay patients should be prepared to pay a $100 deposit when you book a vasectomy. Typically the deposit taken over the phone via credit card. 
  • If you cancel your appointment and provide at least 3 days notice, we will refund your deposit; however, if you do not keep your appointment and fail to notify us, we keep the deposit. This policy greatly reduces the number of “no shows” and helps us keep appointments open for men who are serious about having a vasectomy.
  • After the procedure, we'll apply the deposit toward your account balance or refund it if you have no balance.

Scheduling Process

  • If you're certain you want a vasectomy, you may schedule your consultation and the vasectomy during the same visit.
  • If you're not certain you want a vasectomy, and want to discuss the procedure with the doctor before you decide, you should schedule a consultation appointment separate from the vasectomy.
    • A deposit is not required for a separate vasectomy consultation.
    • Insured patients will need to pay their office co-pay (usually $20-$60). 
    • For patients without insurance, the consultation costs $90. If you book a vasectomy within 21 days of the consultation, the $90 will be applied toward the $800 total vasectomy cost. (We will need to flag your account to ensure the billing process is handled correctly so when you call to schedule the vasectomy, we'd appreciate it if you would remind the scheduling staff of your special situation.)

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Updated 7/15/14

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